Meet our instructor

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With over 4 years of extensive experience in trading stocks, futures & options, and forex, I have honed my skills and become a consistently profitable trader. My journey started like most traders’. Initially, I made good money, but later, everything changed. I also lost a lot of money in scams. At one point, I stopped everything and began learning properly. I spent most of my time learning and practicing what I had learned. Finally, I realized all the mistakes I had made. I started trading properly again, and now I am able to make good returns consistently.


I noticed that many traders face significant struggles in becoming consistently profitable. So, I decided to help other traders by sharing my knowledge and expertise with aspiring traders. My comprehensive approach to teaching covers everything from the fundamentals of trading and advanced strategies to the psychological aspects necessary for success in the market. Through my guidance, over 450 students have gained the confidence and skills to navigate the complexities of trading and achieve their financial goals. Additionally, I have trained over 1960 students through various courses, including free and paid mentorship programs.