About us

Tradymind Edu is a Financial E-Learning platform where you can Learn and Develop your Skills on Financial Management.


Financial Literacy is defined as the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage financial resources effectively for a lifetime of financial will being.


In India, Only 27% of adults are financially literate as defined by the Reserve Bank of India.


There is lack of awareness about Financial Education as it is not a subject that is widely taught in schools or in colleges.


We are providing an Accessible and Flexible Platform called Tradymind Edu for individuals to acquire knowledge and develop their skills on Financial Management through our Online Course and Resource.


The Ultimate aim of Tradymind Edu is to make Financial Education accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and to empower individuals to acquire knowledge and skills that can help them achieve their financial goals as their wish and in their own way.

Our Vision

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Our vision is to “Provide financial education to the people to make them financially literate at both free of cost and affordable price”.

Our ultimate aim is to made a conversion of realistic the goals of all people those who needy of the financial & investment literacy by providing various investment courses by this virtual basis mode.

Our Mission


To Serve people of different fields in accordance with their interest by providing various category of knowledge (i.e) Finance, Investment, Trading of different markets.

To increase customer satisfaction by removing their learning hindrance like language barrier through providing wide range of courses at both Tamil and English language.

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